Microsoft is making it easier to get a Series X, Quick Resume is even getting even faster and they do these things even though each Xbox that gets sold costs them money.

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  • Ubisoft Might Be Pivoting to More F2P Games
  • Steam is Getting Sued. So is Sony!
  • Roblox is Huge
  • Good Guy Sonic

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DA VINSTER (Vinny): Ubisoft spoke out yesterday and said they’re shifting their game developing plans to instead of making 3-4 giant AAA games a year, they’re instead going to release more free to play experiences. What’re your thoughts on this? Yay or nay?

Elfsawrath52: What’s your favourite dnd class?

Squid:Favorite tertiary Star Wars character?

Aslan the Incompetent: Have you gotten my “What would be your fatality if you were a MK character?” from weeks ago?

rdeacon: So game development has always been a brutal process for developers. Do you see the day where they will be treated more fairly, or do you feel that its just the way its always going to be.. they are just shovels…you break one you get another.

Brooke: Who is your favorite Tik Tok personality? What is your favorite Tik Tok video?

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Epic Games

  • The Lion’s Song – is a narrative adventure game. It is steeped in early 20th century history and focusses on a cast of Austrian artists and scientists with each episode taking a closer look at their intimate struggles with creativity and inspiration .

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