8-Bit Bytes

A special addition to the main Byte Me feed every month, 8-Bit Bytes is a stroll down memory lane back to the time when the NES ruled and there was an arcade in every mall. Hans, Dylan and Cliff bring you the latest in retro news (it sounds like an oxymoron, but it’s 100% not!), a deep dive into a retro game or genre and a Q&A portion, answering the most pressing of retro questions!

8-Bit Bytes: You Can Literally Get a Mini Everything Now

It’s been a hot minute (or maybe a couple of months) since our last episode of 8-Bit Bytes, but Cliff and Hans are back and have so much retro gaming goodness to talk about!

8-Bit Bytes: Fighting Games

We run through over two decades of fighting games, from 1976’s Heavyweight Champ to 1999’s Super Smash Brothers!

8-Bit Bytes: Beat ‘Em Ups

We take a deep dive into Beat ‘Em Ups from Kung Fu Master to Double Dragon to X-Men. There are so many amazing games in this genre just dripping with nostalgia!

8-Bit Bytes: 6 – Disney

This month we are taking a deep dive into retro Disney, starting with the Tron arcade games all the way to Kingdom Hearts!

8-Bit Bytes: 4 – It’s Kinda Short

We talked about Nintendo getting a cool $12 million from ROM sites, exclusive Arcade1Up cabinets coming to Walmart, new retro games coming to Switch Online and Hans reviewed his new Arcade1Up 12-in-1 (spoilers, we named this episode after it.)

8-Bit Bytes: 3 – Pinball Revival

It’s all pinball this week! Ok and some news and questions too.

8-Bit Bytes: 2 – Kickstarted Consoles

Welcome Retro Gamers! We talk Billy Mitchell & Donkey Kong, new arcade and pinball machines you are going to want to buy, Starflight 3 on Fig and the kickstarted consoles that made it (and some other consoles that didn’t).

8-Bit Bytes: 1 – Retro Gaming Roundup

Love retro games? Do you wish you had your own arcade, or love the idea of setting up a Raspberry Pi so you can play your favorite C64, Atari, NES or SNES games? Then this podcast might be for you!