Byte Me Podcast

Every week the Byte Me Podcast dips into the video games you should be playing! Adam, Dylan and Cliff bring a fun, conversational atmosphere that focuses on the parts of video games we all love, not the angry Reddit thread of the week.

Every episode features news and reviews for your favorite (or soon to be favorite) PC, PS4, Xbox and Switch games, questions from our favorite listeners and the lowdown on where to find that week’s cheap and free games.

Byte Me Podcast is perfect for casual gamers, casual gamers that want to be a little more hardcore, or video game veterans. Give us a listen and find your next favorite game!

8-Bit Bytes

A special addition to the main Byte Me feed every month, 8-Bit Bytes is a stroll down memory lane back to the time when the NES ruled and there was an arcade in every mall. Hans, Dylan and Cliff bring you the latest in retro news (it sounds like an oxymoron, but it’s 100% not!), a deep dive into a retro game or genre and an Q&A portion, answering the most pressing of retro questions!

8-Bit Bytes doesn’t have a set release date, but usually posts towards the middle of the month.

New Video Game Releases

Another special episode that is part of the main Byte Me feed, our New Releases podcast gives you the rundown on all of the games (from AAA to indie) that you need to know about. Featuring a mix of Adam, Dylan and Cliff, New Releases posts at the start of every month, detailing 10-20 games with a description, release date, release system and price. It’s a great way to figure out what you are going to spend your game budget on every month!

Byte Me DLC

You would think that we’d be able to fit everything we want to talk about into the main Byte Me feed, but sometimes there is just something extra! Maybe we want to deep dive into a specific game for a couple of hours, detail a new game coming out (or the latest updates to an existing one) or just do a review focused on something specific. In any of those cases (and probably some other we haven’t thought of) Byte Me DLC is where you’ll find it. Long story short, if you’ve ever thought “I sure wish I could hang out with the Byte Me guys and their friends for more than 90 minutes a week” than this is 100% the podcast for you.

Byte Me DLC Plays 

Book clubs have been around for years. You and a bunch of friends (and maybe Oprah) all read the same book and then hang out and talk about it, probably while drinking wine. Byte My DLC Plays is just like that, except that it’s a book club for video games! Around the middle of every month, we pick a game and start playing. We spend a bunch of time discussing it in our Discord channel and then about a month later, we turn it into a podcast. Each episode is hosted by Cliff and his brother Colby, with a revolving crew of loyal listeners.



  • Byte Me Podcast: Every Thursday, 12:00 AM PST
  • 8-Bit Bytes: Middle of every month
  • New Releases: First day of the month, 12:00 AM PST
  • Byte Me DLC: Whenever someone has something to talk about
  • Byte Me DLC Plays: The 20th – 25th, depending on schedule and weekend




“Best Video Game Podcast in existence today. Give these guys some love and listen in week in and week out.”

— Vinny Davinster

“A great podcast with a bunch of dudes (sometimes a girl), having a great time talking about video games. Weekly news and viewpoints from a variety of generations, with the occasional comedic relief, and interactive questions from the community, all compacted into one clip. Great for a listen in the car or anywhere you go. The online discord community are great people! come check it out!”

— Joshua Fulkerson

“I subscribe to several video game podcast and Byte Me is the one I eagerly await for the new episodes. The cast “gelling” is fantastic and the information they relay is informative and often humorous. They have an active discord channel with a friendly fan base and someone is always there to chat with. Unsure if it’s due to the size of those who interact with the show, but these guys are very attentive to their fans and have always responded to side questions or answered questions on air. Keep up the good work and I when I’m not poor I’ll become a Patreon.”

— Turndwn4wht

“This might be my new favorite video game podcast. This is a group of chill and down to earth fellas. They deliver their content in a way were I never feel like staunch or rigid oppions are being forced on me as the listener. Looking forward to hearing more. Of course, I might be a little bias since I live in NW Washington and I’m web developer as well… Keep it up guys!”

— Teknophobk Robot

“I found this show scrolling through podcast one originally and subscribed through the IOS App. As a recently turned 30 year old I don’t have as much time for games or researching games, products, and software as I used to as a teenager. The guys on Byte Me not only keep me up to date on the gaming world but are highly entertaining as well. They talk about all topics for all platforms. Great show for casual and the hardcore gamers out there! 5 stars!”

— Snake Kretz

“Tremendous podcast for anyone interested in takes on the current gaming culture from a trio of West coast gamers representing perspectives from young adult to parent gamers covering all the major platforms and the current independent gaming scene. Fun casual chatter and distinct personalities makes for and easy listening experience every week that is bound to be relatable in at least some fashion for any gamer looking for a new gaming podcast to dive into. Thanks Dylan, Adam, and Cliff for your opinions and insights and please keep up the great work!”

— JazzIceman from Canada

“This is – bar none – my favorite video game podcast. Cliff, Dylan and Adam have great chemistry and knowledge of the subject. Plenty of hilarious moments in there, as well. Highly recommend if you have any interest at all in video games, ranging from the most casual gamer to the hardcore.”

— Alexander Aldridge

Interviews, Co-Hosting and Interview Requests

If you are a game developer, publisher or just work in the game industry, we’d love to talk with you about whatever you are working on. Depending on timing and schedule, this might be either for Byte Me Podcast or Byte Me DLC. For example:

If you are looking for a guest host for your podcast or someone to interview about video games for your podcast, radio or TV broadcast, we’d love to see if we could work something out.

In either case, please send us an email at