Video Game Reviews

The Vanishing of Ethan Carter Review

The Vanishing of Ethan Carter tells you immediately that it’s not going to hold your hand and it doesn’t. It’s a gorgeous, challenging narrative adventure, but is it worth the frustration?

Full Throttle Remastered Review

Full Throttle Remastered looks and sounds terrific, but is nostalgia enough to fuel a 22-year-old point and click adventure game even if it has shiny new graphics?

Thimbleweed Park Review

Thimbleweed Park is the perfect re-imagination of your favorite point and click adventure games from the 90’s. Beautiful graphics, engaging characters and a terrific story make Thimbleweed Park a game you have to play.

Alwa’s Awakening Review

Alwa’s Awakening is a love letter to the games of my childhood. It’s got gorgeous 8-bit graphics, a wonderful soundtrack and a nearly perfect Metroidvania gameplay loop.

Toby: The Secret Mine Review

Toby: The Secret Mine starts out with a chase scene, one that will be replayed multiple times throughout its 21 levels. An evil creature (that looks much like you, but bigger and with red eyes) has kidnapped most of your friends and family from the peaceful mountain village where you live. ¬†As you approach, he […]

Feist Review

Feist appears to be a Limbo clone, but instead is more action focussed with beautiful graphics, wonderful controls and great character design that unfortunately is somewhat marred by randomly difficult gameplay.