8-Bit Bytes: You Can Literally Get a Mini Everything Now

It’s been a hot minute (or maybe a couple of months) since our last episode of 8-Bit Bytes, but Cliff and Hans are back and have so much retro gaming goodness to talk about!

  • Arcade1Up: Newer games better quality. Nice LCD’s, better joysticks, no paint issues, lit marquees, etc. New Games include TMNT, Marvel Super Heroes, Star Wars 83. More form factors. Sit down cocktail style cabinets (Pacman, Streetfighter) were revealed at NYCC
  • SNES games on now available on the Switch!
  • The Genesis Mini is out, Hans has one and it’s great
  • The TurboGraffix 16 Mini is out on March 19th for $100
  • Neo Geo Arcade Stick Pro doesn’t have a lot of details, but looks great
  • Goldeneye N64 is being remade in Unreal 4 (at least until the project get shut down anyway)
  • Full size C64 release coming soon after the success of the mini! 

Billy Mitchell may be filing suit after the removal of his DK and Pacman high scores. Billy just last month sent 156 pages of documentation that outlines his dispute with screenshots, testimony, and technical evidence. Did send a four page letter on legal firm letterhead to Twin Galaxies. A musical in Indianapolis was even made about all of this called ARCADEFIRE (The redemption of Billy Mitchell).

The Ataris VCS is in trouble, but pre-orders are open again! Check out this subreddit or this article for an incredibly detailed account of what’s going on.

A general timeline:

  • Sept. 30th: Atari® and Antstream Arcade Partnership Kick-Starts Atari VCS™ Content Offerings with Thousands of (streamable) Classic Games
  • Oct 4th: Rob Wyatt (Founding team member of XBOX) chief architect of Atari VCS quit and claimed he and his design firm haven’t been paid in 6 months! They just last month got a prototype board and after trying to debug it.
  • Oct 4th: Atari says “The Atari VCS is proceeding according to its previously announced schedule.” Atari also says updates on the project can be found on Medium and that production has started.


JoeColeslaw: Any game collection you want to see soon in the like of Disney’s Aladdin and The Lion King?

Every week the Byte Me Podcast dips into the games you should be playing! Featuring news and reviews for PC, console and mobile games, along with fun discussions about games from the classics to new releases. Perfect for casual gamers or for casual gamers that want to be a little more hardcore, join Byte Me and find your next favorite game!

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8-Bit Bytes: Fighting Games


  • Arcade1Up has a new Mortal Kombat cabinet out, with upgraded monitors, sticks and improved paint
  • Diablo, Warcraft and Warcraft 2 on out on GoG
  • New games for the upcoming Sega Mini have been announced
  •  EMUParadise  and other ROM sites are shutting down

Fighting Games

We run through over two decades of fighting games, from 1976’s  Heavyweight Champ to 1999’s  Super Smash Brothers!


JoeColeslaw:  What’s Is your go to retro game to play? One that will never get old!

Every week the Byte Me Podcast dips into the games you should be playing! Featuring news and reviews for PC, console and mobile games, along with fun discussions about games from the classics to new releases. Perfect for casual gamers or for casual gamers that want to be a little more hardcore, join Byte Me and find your next favorite game!

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8-Bit Bytes: Beat ‘Em Ups

Hans got to play the new Sterns Munsters Pinball, the Playstation Classic has been hovering around $40 for a while now (and might be worth that?), a guy found a NES Championship cart worth $15-20k in his attic, a very specific Super Mario Bros cartridge sold for $100k, new games are available on the Switch if you subscribe to Switch Online and Sega is asking for recommendations on games for the new Sega Mini.

After the news we take a deep dive into Beat ‘Em Ups from Kung Fu Master to Double Dragon to X-Men. There are so many amazing games in this genre just dripping with nostalgia!

Finally, we answer some questions from Vinny, Turndown4what and JoeColeslaw!

8-Bit Bytes: 6 – Disney

Full disclosure, this is actually episode 5, but we screwed up the numbering. So just pretend that episode 5 is some sort of missing episode, lost to the sands of time!

Hans, Cliff and Dylan get nostalgic for Disney in this months episode!

But first, we talked about all the new Arcade1Up cabinets debuting at CES and the new Munsters pinball.

We then took a deep dive, starting with Tron in the arcades, through early 80’s when a bunch of future Sierra folks got started making games for the mouse, into the NES and edutainment eras and then into the 90’s with the SNES and Genesis. We even got a little bit modern, talking Kingdom Hearts and Epic Mickey.

8-Bit Bytes: 4 – It’s Kinda Short

We talked about Nintendo getting a cool $12 million from ROM sites, exclusive Arcade1Up cabinets coming to Walmart, new retro games coming to Switch Online and Hans reviewed his new Arcade1Up 12-in-1 (spoilers, we named this episode after it.)

We learned the history of how Hans started his own arcade collection (and a bit about how you could start one too) and then talked about arcades vs. home consoles.

8-Bit Bytes: 3 – Pinball Revival

We talked about some of the issues happening with the new Arcade1Up cabinets, Williams tables will be available in PinbalFX3 tomorrow, we don’t want a PlayStation Classic but might like an N64 classic and then dive into the history of pinball.

We then answered questions from JoeColeslaw, Jacob Frank, Vinny and…JoeColeslaw?

8-Bit Bytes: 2 – Kickstarted Consoles

We talk Billy Mitchell’s quest for redemption, his latest Donkey Kong exploits and his…musical?
Plus Pinball FX 3 gets the Bally/Williams rights back, Arcade1Up has a new 12-in-1 cabinet you are going to want to check out, Starflight 3 is crowdfunding on Fig right now and the “merc with a mouth” has a killer new pinball machine!

We then take a deep dive into crowdfunded consoles and the risk folks take when kickstarting hardware and then talk a bit about hardware that never (or almost never) was.

Finally, we round out the episode with our first question (which of course was from Vinny!)

Also, have you ever played Phoenix? You might want to start practicing…

Arcade1Up 12 in 1: https://www.bestbuy.com/site/arcade1up-deluxe-edition-12-in-1-arcade-cabinet-atari-graphics/6288355.p?skuId=6288355

Starflight 3: https://www.fig.co/campaigns/starflight-3

Phoenix: https://archive.org/details/arcade_phoenix

8-Bit Bytes: 1 – Retro Gaming Roundup

Love retro games? Do you wish you had your own arcade, or love the idea of setting up a Raspberry Pi so you can play your favorite C64, Atari, NES or SNES games? Then this podcast might be for you!

Does that sounds like gibberish, but you love Byte Me Podcast? Then this podcast might also be for you!

Either way, come hang out with Cliff, Dylan and Hans (remember him from Episode 42?) and listen to us reminisce about a time before Dylan was born!

We kick of this monthly(ish) feature talking about ROM sites getting sued by Nintendo, how ROM sites are important for video game preservation and how you can get a 3/4 scale arcade game in your house from Walmart! We also chat about our earliest video game experiences and some of our favorite games from the good old days!

More info on the new arcade cabinets we talked about: https://www.arcade1up.com/

Play your favorite retro games on the internet arcade: https://archive.org/details/internetarcade