Love retro games? Do you wish you had your own arcade, or love the idea of setting up a Raspberry Pi so you can play your favorite C64, Atari, NES or SNES games? Then this podcast might be for you!

Does that sounds like gibberish, but you love Byte Me Podcast? Then this podcast might also be for you!

Either way, come hang out with Cliff, Dylan and Hans (remember him from Episode 42?) and listen to us reminisce about a time before Dylan was born!

We kick of this monthly(ish) feature talking about ROM sites getting sued by Nintendo, how ROM sites are important for video game preservation and how you can get a 3/4 scale arcade game in your house from Walmart! We also chat about our earliest video game experiences and some of our favorite games from the good old days!

More info on the new arcade cabinets we talked about:

Play your favorite retro games on the internet arcade:


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