The long-rumored Xbox streaming stick that will let you play xCloud games without an Xbox is getting closer to reality.

Other Video Game News

  • Xbox Streaming Device is Coming This Year
  • Xbox Did Not Have a Good Weekend
  • Xbox is Bringing Fortnite Back to the iPhone
  • Hey, Activision Blizzard is Getting Sued Again
  • Blizzard Gets a New “VP of Culture”. I’m Sure That Will Help.
  • There is a Video Game Hall of Fame?
  • Who’s Gonna Watch Summer Games Fest in IMAX with Me?
  • Video Game Devs are Signing an Anti-NFT Pledge to Keep Them Out of Video Games
  • FIFA is Finally Getting Cross Play

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DA VINSTER: Two Questions, what’re your thoughts on digital ownership of games? Of course, I think many people purchase their games digitally now for convenience alone, however as you may have seen this past weekend the Xbox Live servers were having severe issues, including not even allowing digitally owned single-player games to be playable. Do you think as consumers we have a right to push back and try to get some better totally offline services in terms of digital ownership, and even if we did, do you think large companies in gaming like Microsoft and Sony would grant us more flexibility in terms of digital ownership.

Second Question, if you were to become a professional wrestler, what’s your persona? Good Guy, Bad Guy? etc.

Mansocks: What is your favorite video game to feature a cat?

Primefan: How long do you think halo infinite will last before it just stops being played

*monotone screaming*: If you could design your own video game protagonist, what would they be like?

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Epic Games

  • Jotun – Jotun is a hand-drawn action-exploration game set in Norse mythology. In Jotun, you play Thora, a Viking warrior who died an inglorious death and must prove herself to the Gods to enter Valhalla. Impress the Gods!
  • Prey – In Prey, you awaken aboard Talos I, a space station orbiting the moon in the year 2032. You are the key subject of an experiment meant to alter humanity forever – but things have gone terribly wrong.

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