Ex-Nintendo President Reggie Fils-Aime isn’t exactly pro-union, but at least he doesn’t appear to be outwardly anti-union. That’s almost a win.

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rdeacon: What game do you think would be cool as a Lego version – Mine would be Zelda?

rdeacon: What is your favorite thing to put honey on?

Joe Coleslaw: Last minute question, with Jeff Healey taking over what is E3 it seems as if we have just keely’s game awards for summer… Jeff Healey’s Opening Night Live during the fall oh, and just kiwis game awards during winter… Are we going to get a brand Association of Jeff Healey and video games… Does anybody else have a Dick Clark New Year’s rockin’ Eve seal? He’ll be doing this type of thing until his last breath?

Hopefully you guys can speak typo, please don’t make fun of me… With the topic fresh on the mind I wanted to get it in as soon as I could. So I am using text-to-speech… Don’t text and drive folks

Primefan: What are your thoughts on the Dark souls series?

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