With effectively zero warning, Microsoft pulled the plug on Mixer this week, stating that “It became clear that the time needed to grow our own live streaming community to scale was out of measure with the vision and experiences we want to deliver to gamers now.” Existing Mixer Partners are being redirected to Facebook Gaming (a destination that a lot of folks aren’t pleased with.) 

Other Video Game News

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What We’re Playing

Colby: Torchlight 2, Ryse: Son of Rome, West of Dead
Cliff: FarCry 4, SkateBIRD, Erica, Lord Winklebottom Investigates, Super Animal Royale
Hans: EFT, Valorant, Xenophobe 


Vinny: Inspired by the Marvel’s Avengers video game, what ensemble cast would you like to have their own game? Story based? Co-op? Both?

Brooke: What stupid reason made you quit playing a game? (https://www.cracked.com/pictofacts-1805-tell-us-now-what-dumb-thing-made-you-walk-away-from-game-you-liked/)

Mister Polite: Playing the Last of Us 2 and it’s odd.  I love the game but it’s not fun.  It’s dire, depressing, sad and feels like it’s just going to get worse.  Is there a game/movie/book that you loved but at the same didn’t enjoy it?

Princess Megan: Ignoring any dangers in the game, which video game would have the nicest spot(s) for a vacation? For example, it could be a beach, amusement park, forest, or anywhere you could see yourself wanting to visit if it was real.

Mansocks: Crunchy or Smooth Peanut Butter?

Cheap/Free Games

Epic Games Store

  • AER Memories of Old
    • Transform into a bird and fly to explore and experience a vibrant world of floating islands in the sky. Venture down into lost ancient ruins where each step leads you closer to the end of the world.
  • Stranger Things 3: The Game 
    • Play through familiar events from the series while also uncovering never-before-seen quests, character interactions, and secrets!

Twitch Prime

  • Mad Tracks
    • Mad Tracks is an action packed toy car game. Play mini games and race in everyday places. Have immediate fun – guaranteed

Small Bites

Colby tells us about mobile games he hates and one that he likes called Best Fiends.


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