Just to be on the record, Cliff called this at least a month ago. The bad news is there isn’t going to be a PAX West or PAX Australia this year. The good news is that they are replacing it with a nine-day virtual show!

Other Video Game News

  • Video Games as Medicine
  • Smart Delivery is Even Smarter Than You Think
  • Star Wars Squadrons Looks Amazing and It’s Only $40
  • Spider-Man Miles Morales Is A Stand-Alone Expansion
  • He’s the Reason Why The PS5 Looks Like a Router

What We’re Playing

Colby: Diablo 3, Skyrim
Cliff: Mass Effect Andromeda, Grim Dawn/Geforce Now, Desperados 3
Dylan: Meat


Davinster: Pick 3, the rest disappear forever!

Mister Polite: If you could be a NPC what video game would you want to be in?

Think about this question and then watch this video that Megan sent us: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mYsyTq8pF2g&feature=youtu.be

TheCapturedEddie: What’s one positive thing you liked so far from an “E3” event and one thing you didn’t. Whether it be games or a vague announcement, or Stadia.

Tr1pletrouble88: Counterpoint to your answer from last week’s question, do you think that Xbox could innovate and make a sort of Bluetooth headset that runs on the Xbox but streams to a headset?

Cheap/Free Games

Fight for Racial Justice Bundle


Jump Rope Challenge


Steam Summer Game Festival


Get Origin Access for $1


Get the Witcher 3 for Free If You Own It Somewhere Else


Small Bites

Slay the Spire is great on iOS and is only $10


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