E3 was this weekend and there is more news than you can possibly imagine.

Other Video Game News

  • Xbox is Bringing a Ton of Games to Game Pass
  • Xbox is Bring xCloud to TVs and Streaming Sticks
  • Xbox Bringing Z/S Games to Xbox One with xCloud
  • Forza 5 Has an Interesting Approach to Weather
  • Rocksmith+ Will Help You Play Guitar for Real
  • Final Fantasy 1-6 Coming to Steam and Mobile
  • Nintendo Switch Announcements
  • FarCry 6 DLC Lets You Play as the Bad Guys
  • Guardian’s of the Galaxy is a Coming, Switch will Get Cloud Version
  • Disney is Open to Letting Indies Work with Their IP
  • Rainbow Six Siege Getting Crossplay and Cross Progression
  • Amped is a Major Inspiration for Shredders
  • I am 100% Buying an Xbox Mini Fridge

What We’re Playing


DA VINSTER (Vinny): What’s the game(s) you’re most excited for after the weekend? And why is it Halo?

TheBigDog: Guess who’s back? Back again. Eddie’s back, tell your friends. Questions : Who won E3? Who lost E3? Who was the most improved?

Cpt Insano6: With God of War being delayed to 2022, would you rather a developer tell you a game is delayed or go radio silent till the game is ready for release?

rdeacon: What do you feel was the worst console accessory? Worst one you used? Examples: Power glove, Wii Sports pack, Sega x32, Sega CD, etc.

Cheap/Free Games

Epic Games

Summer Games Fest

Steam Next Fest

Game Pass

Game Pass Coming This Year

Coming Day One This Year

Troll Corner

  • Rockstart is shutting down GTA Online for Xbox 360 and PS4 owners

Patreon Producers

  • John Tippins
  • Sean Palmer
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  • Alan Schulte
  • Joe Cole Jr.

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