According to Twitter, Insomniac was able to make the new Ratchet & Clank game almost crunch-free. Other game companies need to pay attention.

Other Video Game News

  • Xbox is Getting Fidelity FX
  • Atari VCS is Actually Coming Out
  • Don’t Expect Day and Date PC Launches for Sony Games
  • It’s E3 Week!
    • Summer Games Fest – Kick Off Live! – Thursday, June 10th at 11:00am PT
    • Summer of Gaming – IGN Expo 2021 – Friday, June 11th at 1:00pm PT
    • Guerrilla Collective Showcase – Saturday, June 12th at 8:00am PT
    • Guerrilla Collective/Wholesome Direct – Saturday, June 12th at 10:00am PT
    • Ubisoft Forward – Saturday, June 12th at 12:00pm PT
    • Gearbox Entertainment presentation – Saturday, June 12th at 2:00pm PT
    • GamesBeat Session – Saturday, June 12th at 2:45pm PT
    • Xbox and Bethesda Showcase – Sunday, June 13rd at 10:00am PT
    • Square Enix Presents – Sunday, June 13rd at 12:15pm PT
    • Warner Bros. Games Back 4 Blood – Sunday, June 13rd at 2:30pm PT
    • PC Gaming Show – Sunday, June 13rd at 2:30pm PT
    • Future Games Show – Sunday, June 13rd at 4:00pm PT
    • Take-Two Interactive Panel – Monday, June 14th at 10:15am PT
    • Indie Showcase – Monday, June 14th at 12:00pm PT
    • Capcom presentation – Monday, June 14th at 2:30pm PT
    • Razer E3 Keynote – Monday, June 14th at 3:00pm PT
    • Nintendo Direct – Tuesday, June 15 at 9:00am PT
    • Nintendo Treehouse: Live – Tuesday, June 15 at 9:00am PT
    • Bandai Namco presentation – Tuesday, June 15 at 2:25pm PT
    • GameSpot Play For All Showcase – Tuesday, June 15 at 3:35pm PT
    • Official E3 2021 Awards Show – Tuesday, June 15 at 4:45pm PT
  • Capcom Might Have Whoopsied with Some Stock Photos
  • Overwatch is Getting Crossplay

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DA VINSTER (Vinny): At the end of the summer, is the general gaming conversation going to have Xbox and PlayStation be more in parity than the mind share of people now saying “PS Better, XB is still needing games”

Elfsawrath52: What is the best way to get started as a Twitch streamer?

rdeacon: Out of all the titles announced at E3 2021, what are the top 3 games you are most excited about?

ShadoughX: What is the equivalent of 1HP of damage in real life? I’ll go first: chewing gum and then biting your tongue!

Princess_Megan: With E3 being less than a week away, based on past performances and future hopes, which company do you think will have the best/worst/most improved E3 presentation?

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