This episode is a little strange because there isn’t a news section, because a) there wasn’t much news and b) Cliff didn’t have time to write show notes. But we still managed to ramble on for 85 minutes, so…

Our Patrons

First off, big shoutout to our patrons (because I forgot to do it during the show). Huge thanks to:

  • Alan Schulte
  • Austin Palmer
  • Joe Cole Jr.
  • John Tippens
  • Sean Palmer

What We’re Playing


DA VINSTER (Vinny): What backlog games will you try to get through on your holiday break?

Princess_Megan: Merry Christmas! What will you be doing to relax post-Christmas dinner? If it’s playing a video or board game, which do you plan to play?

rdeacon: Which 3 games past, present and future would you send the spirit of Christmas to so they could fix ONE item in the game that made it unplayable, tarnished the game, or has ruined the hype of a new game in some way.

Example for me Past: Mario 64 – Camera angles, Present CP2077 on console and future.. lack of cross-play still an issue

SweatySpookz[XB1]: Have you ever experienced a snotcicle? & if your male, have you ever had to experience it freezing to your beard?

If you have ever used an N64 emulator to play Golden Eye, did you manually map your controller buttons & if so, roughly how long did it take you to map it correctly and figure it out to feel comfortable to you? Perhaps not just golden eye but mapping N64 buttons to Xbox or PlayStation controller for example?

And in the spirit of @rdeacon question, which game or games would you like to either see a remaster or continuation of? And have you checked out Anthems 2.0 update yet? What did you think?

Tr1pletrouble88: Favorite color?

Cheap/Free Games

Games With Gold For January 2021


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