Battlefield 2042 is getting crossplay and an AI mode that’s going to let me play Battlefield 2042 with myself and 127 other bots.

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  • Phil Spencer Hints About What Hardware You Might See From Xbox Next
  • Undetectable Warzone Hack Taken Down
  • Xbox Will Stop Your Kids from Spending All Your Money on Microtransactions
  • Psychonauts 2 Wants Everyone to Enjoy It
  • Maybe We Can Finally Start Buying GPUs Again…or Not
  • Hunt Showdown Adds Shrek….’s House

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DA VINSTER (Vinny): What would be the best game pass games you’d recommend both to a 23-year-old and a 10-year-old!?

squid: Normally we view games we loved through rose color glasses and even if we play them later on we still can look past their flaws. What’s a game that you played later on and thought “Oh. This was bad. Like bad, bad.”

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  • Obduction – A sci-fi adventure from Cyan, the creators of Myst. Abducted far across the universe, you find yourself on a broken alien landscape with odd pieces of Earth. Explore, uncover, solve, and find a way to make it home
  • Offworld Trading Company – Mars has been colonized, and Earth’s corporate titans fight to dominate this new market. Competition is fierce in this fast-paced economic RTS from Civilization IV Lead Designer, Soren Johnson

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