The California Department of Fair Employment and Housing is suing Activision Blizzard for being just terrible. Like, straight up across the board terrible.

Other Video Game News

  • A Dead Space Remake is Coming
  • EA Wants to Make It’s Sports Games Into Something Else
  • This Might Actually Be Dumber Than Bitcoin…Nah
  • Amazon’s New World Might Be Bricking RTX 3090s
  • Ubisoft Announces 6v6 FTP Multiplayer Shooter
  • Where The Water Tastes Like Wine Has an Impossible Achievement

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DA VINSTER (Vinny): What is the one game we know is coming out that you can’t wait to get your hands on and why? If I’ve asked it before recently you can yell at me.

Princess_Megan: What is your favorite flavor of ice cream? Mine is strawberry!

Primefan: What is the best and the worst game series

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