Based on the historic prices of video games, you could be paying a lot more than $70.

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Brian Heninger: Here is a question for the podcast. My Otolaryngologist has suggested that I hum throughout the day to work out my vocal cords to prevent my chronic cough from acting up. I am looking for good song recommendations that aren’t too hard, nor ones that will stick in my head all day—any suggestions?

rdeacon: If you are playing or want to play multiple games, how do you decide which one you want to play?

rdeacon: Dipping choice for soft pretzels cheese or mustard?

Alan S (zeroskill): Which Donkey or Diddy Kong featured game is your favorite?

*monotone screaming*: Favorite smash bros character?

Cheap/Free Games

Epic Games

  • First Class Trouble – First Class Trouble is a game where players work together and against each other to survive a disaster. The goal is to shut down a deadly A.I. Some players are impostors, secretly playing as human-looking killer robots intent on betraying the other players.

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