The studio behind High on Life founded by Justin Roiland has had a very bad week.

Other Video Game News

  • Things Aren’t Sounding Great For Justin Roiland or His Studio
  • Awesome Games Done Quick Raises $26 Million
  • Other Monopolies are Worried About MS
  • Google Stadia Releases One Last Game
  • Bots in AI are Ruining Competitive Mode
  • Xbox and Bethesda Have an Event Next Week
  • Xbox Wants to Lower Your Carbon Emissions

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rdeacon: At what point in a game do you know the game is not good? And at that point do you continue or just bail on it?

rdeacon: Are you a regular or ergonomic keyboard person?

Primefan: All time favorite games?

Tr1pletrouble88: What’s your favorite blood type?

BIG CHAPPIE: Favorite book?

Cheap/Free Games

Epic Games

  • Epistory – Typing Chronicles – Epistory immerses you in an atmospheric game where you play a girl riding a giant fox who fights an insectile corruption from an origami world. As you progress and explore this world, the story literally unfolds and the mysteries of the magic power of the words are revealed.

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  • John Tippins
  • Sean Palmer
  • Austin Palmer
  • Alan Schulte
  • Joe Cole Jr.
  • Anonymous
  • Rich Deacon

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