Calling it the “Mass Exodus”, senior folks are leaving Ubisoft at a rate that is starting to affect game development milestones. Who knew that being a dumpster fire might have consequences?

  • Ubisoft is Bleeding Talent
  • Nintendo is Planning on Having Overloaded Servers, Plan Ahead
  • Hades is the First Video Game to Win a Hugo
  • Video Games Could Make You an Olympian
  • En Ef Tees
  • North America Has It’s First Video Game Union

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*monotone screaming*: Thoughts on some of the new movies coming out?

Primefan: What system was better Xbox 360 or the ps2? What is by far the best game for the pc ??

Primefan: What do you guys think about warhammer games for the Xbox and PlayStation systems?

Princess_Megan: Which video games would you like for Santa to leave under your tree this year?

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