2021 is almost over, which means it’s time to pick our favorite games that came out this year!

  • GOTY
  • Riot Settles Their Lawsuit for a Cool $100 million
  • Sonic is Getting the Lego Treatment
  • GTA Trilogy Owners Get A Free Game
  • Maybe Planning a School Shooting Level is a Bad Idea
  • Steam’s Best of 2021

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DA VINSTER (Vinny): Sorry I missed last week, work has been incredibly hectic. This may contain spoilers with your answers, but what are some of the biggest plot twists that stuck with you in games?

Misshappychildhood: My kid thinks that the N64 controller was made for Vortigaunts from Half-Life. How do you feel about this theory?

Squid: Do you have any gaming new year resolutions?

Joe Coleslaw: You have a $75 giftcard from your great aunt Gertrude…. What game would you buy today, if gamepass didn’t exist?

Princess_Megan: What game released this year was the biggest flop?

Primefan: What are your plans for New Years?

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