Microsoft managed to convince a judge that FTC didn’t have much of a case, so the purchase could happen as soon as MS convinces the UK of the same thing!

Other Video Game News

  • Microsoft Fought the FTC…and Won
  • There Are a Lot of Classic Games Missing
  • Game Pass Got More Expensive
  • Terreria is a Lot More Popular Than I Would Have Thought
  • Colby Can Finally Just Live in RDR2
  • Sega of America Has a Union Now

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rdeacon: Do you fold your pizza when you eat it?

rdeacon: If you get to a point in a game and find out you are only 1/3 through and sigh… does that make it a bad game?

Tr1pletrouble88: Thoughts on live service games?

Mazelnut: Taylor Swift is amazing, but what are your thoughts on her?

*monotone screaming*: What are your thoughts on Stadia and it’s shutdown?

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Epic Games

  • Train Valley 2 – Build even more complex railway networks than ever before! Building on the success of the original, you’ll get more of what you loved about the original and then some. With increasingly difficult and complex challenges from local industries, the Valley has never felt so vast!

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