Once again, we’ve influenced the universe and just by mentioning it have willed a Red Dead Redemption Remaster into existence. Probably.

Other Video Game News

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  • You Can Now Get (Essentially) GamePass for Your Quest
  • Not Many Folks Are Going to Get These Six Items in Diablo 4
  • Can We Just Stop Blaming Video Games for Things?
  • Tarkov is Going to Sue Data Miners
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  • Don’t Count on Physical Releases for Much Longer
  • Diablo 4 Treasure Goblins are Killing Hardcore Characters

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BIG CHAPPIE: How much you blowing up for the 4th?

*monotone screaming*: How was your 4th of July?

*monotone screaming*: Also, any new games coming out that you are interested in?

Primefan13: Any thoughts on summer movies?

Tr1pletrouble88: Any of the following: what’s the best classic rock? If soft serves egg was a thing, how??? And finally, if you had to choose a mascot for Microsoft, who would it be? Master chief? Cortana? Clippy?

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  • GRIME – GRIME is a fast, unforgiving Action-Adventure RPG in which you crush your foes with living weapons that mutate form and function, and then consume their remains with a black hole to strengthen your vessel as you break apart a world of anatomical intrigue.

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