DLC Plays: The Walking Dead Season One

Cliff, Colby and Vinny take a deep dive into the first season of The Walking Dead from Telltale Games.

We have a lot of thoughts on the story and characters, some good (Vinny) and a lot bad (Cliff and Colby). But both good and bad, we run through the entire game, sharing our thoughts along the way.


Byte Me DLC Plays is a book club for video games! Play a game along with us every month, discuss it in our Discord and then we’ll make a podcast about it! In April, we are playing Metro 2033.

Episode 120: MCC is Making Someone Very Happy

The Master Chief Collection is coming to PC (and Steam!), the OG version of Diablo is back and up on GOG, the Dead Cells DLC is coming out way sooner than we thought, Bioware is patching bugs and players are pissed, Devil May Cry 5 has a scene that is only censored on the PS4 and a couple of new Octopath games are in the pipeline.

Plus we answer a bunch of great questions (some that are about breakfast), talk cheap and free games, look at a new Small Bites and throw Spiro in Troll Corner.

Episode 119: Gamifying Floor Mats

It’s another great week in podcastland! We talk about a fun writer reveal for Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order, Days Gone effectively has two full length movies stuffed inside of it, the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition might actually be a thing, Friday the 13th: The Game: The Switch Edition: Plus DLC is a thing (although we still aren’t sure how), if you aren’t playing Apex Legends or Fortnite what are you actually playing, Anthem is not very stable on the PS4 and RIP PS Vita.

We also answer some great questions, talk Girl Scout cookies and go over a TON of cheap and free games.

Episode 118: The DayQuil Wore Off Towards the End

It seems like it’s been forever since the entire Byte Me Podcast team has all been in the same room together and so we let this one take as long as it needed to!

We talked about the Pokemon Sword and Shield announcement, the new Detective Pikachu trailer, Dead Cells is getting free DLC this year, Kingdom Hearts is getting a board game, Anthem has a pretty solid 90 day plan, Reggie Fils-Aime is retiring (and being replaced by Bowser), Chex Quest HD has a new trailer, and Xbox games might be coming to both Windows 10 and the Switch!

We answered some questions (and talked a lot about reviews), talked about a ton of cheap and free games, and even did a Small Bit and Troll Corner!

Episode 117: Whoops

Cliff was out having fun in the Florida sun in WDW and forgot to post this episode in the timely manner to which you have become accustomed. Please forgive him. 🙂

Dylan and Adam held down the fort in Seattle, talking about free copies of AC: Odyssey showing up in Uplay for people who played it via Google Stream, Crackdown 3 isn’t quite living up to people’s expectations, the Anthem Day One patch is huge (but helps with load times), Skull & Bones is getting a TV show (before it even has a release date) and an unlicensed Fortnite Festival gets shuts down after Epic sues them.

Episode 116: Podcat and Barking Dog

Sadly we were without Adam again this week (but he should be back next week, just in time for Cliff to leave.) On the plus side, Cliff played enough games last week to make up for Dylan and Adam.

There was a TON of news to talk about this week.

Just before we started recording, Activision-Blizzard announced they were laying off roughly 8% of their workforce, or 775 employees. Apex Legends his the 25 million player mark and announces both the start of their first season and a Valentine’s Day based event, Fortnite will let you merge accounts now, the CEO of Hi-Rez calls out Sony and tells them to stop playing favorites and give everyone (including Paladins) cross play, Crackdown 3 won’t let you play with your friends in the competitive multiplayer at launch, some former Telltale alums are creating a new studio with some cool sounding ideas, Playstation has a new boss, AC: Odyssey is getting a new game plus, Beat Saber players are a lot faster than Valve was giving them credit for and Capcom dumped a ton of music on Spotify.

We answered some great questions from Vinny, JoeColeslaw and Eddie and don’t forget to grab Thimbleweed Park when it goes free on the Epic Store later this month!

Episode 88: We Aren’t Using That As the Podcast Title

No Man’s Sky Next is out and will have a “season” of free updates, the first episode of the fan made Day of the Tentacle sequel is out, Guacamelee 2 gets details and a (very close) release date, the Fallout 76 beta kicks off in October, Amazon might help you make your next PC or PC gear purchase easier, Nintendo shuts down two rom sites and I guess your current TV is pretty big.

Plus great questions from Vinny, Jack Irish, Turndwn4wht, TommyToInches, SuperHyperMightyWepaman and JoeColeslaw.

Episode 83: Even more E3 Announcements & Some Awesome Questions

Even with E3 ending last week, this week was still stuffed with announcements we just couldn’t fit into Episode 82. We talk about EA’s new streaming platform, Origin Access Premiere, Microsoft’s five new studios, Sea of Thieves is getting two new expansions, Prey is getting a ton of new modes and DLC, God of War adds a challenging New Game +, Blacks Ops 1 and 2 maps are coming to Black Ops 3 and 4, Destiny 2: Forsaken gets announced and Bungie lays out the next season or new content, Nintendo reveals the Pokeball Plus and Sony might be bringing downloads to PS Plus!

Plus great questions from Vinny, Eddie, John, Justin and Cpt Insano6 plus new Game Pass and PS Games!

Episode 81: E3 is Coming, State of Decay 2 News and Red Dead’s Special Editions Were Announced

Brace yourself, E3 is coming! We roll through the times you are going to want to be somewhere you can stream and chat a bit about what you can expect to see. Xbox might be getting Alexa and Google Home support, Jurrassic World DLC is coming to Rocket League (and the goal explosion alone is worth the $2), State of Decay 2 gets a 20GB patch and passes the 2 million player mark, Red Dead Redemption 2’s Special Editions get announced and it’s going to have PS4 specific content (of some sort).

We answer some great questions from Vinny, Josh, SuperhypermegaWepaMan, JoeColeSlaw and TheTrueIcon and tell you about some cheap games from Game Pass and Twitch Prime!

Episode 79: $100 Million Dollars

Dylan is out of town this week, so Cliff and Adam held down the fort!

They talked about Fortnite’s $100 million dollars in prize money (and their accidental release of a storm chasing backpack), GTA 5 hits another sales milestone, RIP Vita games, No Man’s Sky gets multiplayer and an Xbox edition, PS4 enters it’s final phase (which sadly doesn’t appear to be a giant robot), Mario + Rabbids + DK and brace yourself E3 is coming (along with Devolver Digital).

Every wondered what podcast we listen to (besides our own?) So did Jjames, plus questions from Vinny, OptimistPrime and Mansocks.