Sadly we were without Adam again this week (but he should be back next week, just in time for Cliff to leave.) On the plus side, Cliff played enough games last week to make up for Dylan and Adam.

There was a TON of news to talk about this week.

Just before we started recording, Activision-Blizzard announced they were laying off roughly 8% of their workforce, or 775 employees. Apex Legends his the 25 million player mark and announces both the start of their first season and a Valentine’s Day based event, Fortnite will let you merge accounts now, the CEO of Hi-Rez calls out Sony and tells them to stop playing favorites and give everyone (including Paladins) cross play, Crackdown 3 won’t let you play with your friends in the competitive multiplayer at launch, some former Telltale alums are creating a new studio with some cool sounding ideas, Playstation has a new boss, AC: Odyssey is getting a new game plus, Beat Saber players are a lot faster than Valve was giving them credit for and Capcom dumped a ton of music on Spotify.

We answered some great questions from Vinny, JoeColeslaw and Eddie and don’t forget to grab Thimbleweed Park when it goes free on the Epic Store later this month!


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