PlayStation users are getting their accounts banned for effectively robbing a house and leaving a business card behind.

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What We’re Playing

Colby: Far Cry 3, Sky Force Reloaded, Cross Code

Cliff: Knights & Bikes, Mummy Demastered, Trials Rising, Destiny 2

Dylan: Describe: Hudson Soft Adventure Island


DA VINSTER: You can get one fully remade game from the ground up, what game is it?

JoeColeslaw: For someone who slept on the Xbox last generation what 5 game pass games are a MUST PLAY? I have some catching up to do, so 5 DIFFERENT GAMES EACH! evil cackle

Princess_Megan: We have now reached level 12 of Jumanji 2020: Ho, Ho, Hey We Made It edition. What are your predictions to round out the year?

Aslan the Incompetent: What game, in your opinion, is grossly overrated?

Mansocks: What is your favorite post Turkey Day leftover creation/treat?

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  • Cave Story+ features an original story brimming with personality, mystery and fast-paced fun. Run, jump, shoot, fly and explore your way through a massive adventure reminiscent of classic 8 and 16-bit games!


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