The Microsoft Blizzard/Activision merger is getting weird, with lawsuits galore!

Other Video Game News

  • Microsoft Accuses The FTC of Violating the Constitution
  • Gamers Accuse Microsoft of Violating The Clayton Antitrust Act of 1914
  • High On Life Smashes Game Pass Records
  • More Blizzard Devs are Trying to Unionize
  • Activision Blizzard Leaves for Bored Ape
  • Those New $200 PS Controllers Have Great Battery Life
  • The CEO of Atari Wants to Buy Atari
  • Valve Would Like to Know If You Want to See a Dead Body?

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Primefan: What are y’all’s thoughts on Elden Ring winning game of the year?

Misshappychildhood: What cool games did you get for Christmas? Video games, card games, board games etc.

Princess_Megan: How was Christmas for your pets?

rdeacon: What did you want but didn’t get for Christmas?

rdeacon: What’s your favorite Christmas food?

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