Activision Blizzard’s continued mishandling of the Raven Software QA situation might actually cause the formation of the first AAA game studio union, something the game industry desperately needs.

  • Activision Blizzard Might Have Caused the First AAA Game Studio Union
  • Bobby Kotick is Still Being a Jerk
  • Overwatch 2 Producer Comes Down Hard on Bobby Kotick
  • Mike Ybarra Talks Blizzard Accountability
  • Phil Spencer is Excited About Some Old Games
  • Well This is A Terrible Idea
  • Steam Deck is Getting a Cool Version of Cloud Sync
  • Even Game Devs Hate Crypto

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DA VINSTER (Vinny): Out of all of Microsoft’s 30+ Studios, which IP do they have that has been dormant that you’d like to see come back, and for fun, if you have a specific studio you’d want to make it who would it be? The idea of Guitar Hero coming back makes me ecstatic and I hope it happens!

rdeacon: Ok this one is important one: Toast … light or dark?

Primefan: If you had to choose what is your favorite platformer and what triple a game would you recommend?

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  • Won’t Someone Think of the Poor Job Creators…I Mean Scalpers?

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