The folks that are making Dragons Dogma 2 think they know better than I do how I want to use fast travel. They are wrong.

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Joe Coleslaw: Wakes up from 8 week Coma

Oh, hey guys! Great show last week! Did you know Sea of Thieves introduced a Safer Seas option, which would inevitably turn a PVP(ve) world into a Private, PVE world for only you, and up to 3 of your friends?

[ begins to discuss the possibilities of bringing in old players who are sick of “sinking” hours and hours into a session only to come across 1 group of A**holes and ruin your experience]

[Goes on to discuss the potential for gamer parents to introduce their families to this world without fear of toxic coms, or a sense of accomplishment in succeeding in a world event, or that voyage that sends you all around the world in 4 hours tops.]

[CONTINUES to ramble on about how the Safer Seas mode brings more FIGHT from the folks WILLING/ABLE to Risk everything for the sake of rewards, GOLD, & GLORY in the ‘regular’ HIGH SEAS, adventure mode.]

By the way, since writing that question in the first week of December… we have a new season that just started on Tuesday. Including some changes to the quest system, and direct diving to start your adventure, lastly, the level of reputation is increased from a 75 cap, to level 500. 100 prestige 5 times.

So my question is, what other game could you see this option implemented? What game could benefit from taking out the opposition, and just letting you live in the world?

rdeacon: Name one gaming accessory that everyone should have

rdeacon: Name one office accessory that everyone should have

Princess_Megan: In your opinion, what is the greatest gaming system of all time? It can be computer, arcade, or console as long as you can make a reasonable argument for it

Alan S (zeroskill): The Steam Deck is almost 2! Do you still use yours just as frequently as you did the first year? What have you found to be your favorite game to play handheld?

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  • Infinifactory – Infinifactory is a sandbox puzzle game by Zachtronics, the creators of SpaceChem and Infiniminer. Build factories that assemble products for your alien overlords, and try not to die in the process.

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