Starting on November 19th (in the US) you’ll be able to get an Xbox One X for only $32 a month for 24 months. But the best part is, next year you’ll be able to trade it in for an Xbox Scarlet! This deal includes 24 months of Game Pass Ultimate as well, so you are actually saving money in the long run! If you’d prefer an Xbox S, you can do that for $22 a month and trade it in for a Scarlet after 18 months as well! 

Also this week:

  • Sony is killing Playstation Vue early next year
  • EA is going to start selling games (and EA Access) on Steam again
  • Death Stranding is coming to PC next summer
  • Google Stadia is getting it’s own first party studio
  • Steam might start asking you if you are really sure about your old reviews

What Video Games We’re Playing

Adam: Blair Witch, The Outer Worlds

Cliff: Blair Witch, The Outer Worlds

Dylan: Little Town Hero


Vinny: What games do you think could benefit from breaking away from a yearly release schedule?

Princess_Megan: Happy Halloween! I’ve been reading about the Insight Project, that will use biometrics recorded while the subject is playing video games that could potentially be used to as a form of therapy for those with various mental illnesses to help the user learn to manage their triggers. What other roles do you see video games taking in the future outside of entertainment? (

Jacob: What has been the scariest game you have ever played? What horror game do you want to play?

Cheap/Free Games

  • EGS: Soma and Costume Quest
  • Humble Bundle:

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