Fallout 76 continues to have some really strange ideas about how to get back on top and charging $100 a month for private servers really doesn’t seem to be in their best interest.

Also this week:

  • Steam lets you play multiplayer games online now
  • Humble is making changes to Humble Bundle Monthly
  • The Fallout Wastelanders Update is being pushed to 2020
  • Eat tacos, get Game Pass
  • Finally you can watch movies with your Twitch friends

Video Game Questions

Vinny: Do you feel that this year was kind of an “off” year for video games? Coming off a year like last year with God of War, SpiderMan, Red Dead 2, etc. and looking at a year like next year with Cyberpunk, Final Fantasy VII, Marvel’s Avengers, Watch Dogs Legion, Doom Eternal, etc. Why do you think this year is (or is not) as underwhelming as the year prior or year next?

Mister Polite: If you could have the opportunity to take a day trip would you take it to space or the bottom of the ocean, and why?

Operator Jack: G’day everyone! Question for the podcast this week. What do you guys think of role play in games? Have you tried it with your in game character? Do you find it fun? I’ve been doing RP as a cop and it’s so much fun and intense.

JoeColeslaw: Last week until October 31st… What video game boss or horror-based character do you most affiliate yourself with or sympathize for? Who would you want to spend your Halloween night with? (Not as prey, but in a party with!)

Prince of Pringles: Its draft season. Adam you’re representing Sony Playstation, Cliff you’re representing Xbox and Dylan is Nintendo. Each guy picks 5 characters. You can offer a trade after each guy has 5 characters. Will we see Mario riding a warthog in a halo crossover? Will Kratos have to save mushroom kingdom? Good luck boys.

Cheap/Free Games

Epic Game Store

  • Layers of Fear Complete
  • QUBE 2

Game Pass

  • Lonely Mountains: Downhill (Xbox) (Oct 23)
  • Secret Neighbor (Xbox) (Oct 23)
  • Minit (Xbox) (Oct 24)
  • The Outer Worlds (Xbox Game Pass for Console and PC) (Oct 25)
  • Afterparty (Xbox) (Oct 29)
  • LEGO Star Wars III (Xbox) (Oct 31)
  • Subnautica (Xbox) (Nov 7)

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