DLC Plays: The Walking Dead Season One

Cliff, Colby and Vinny take a deep dive into the first season of The Walking Dead from Telltale Games.

We have a lot of thoughts on the story and characters, some good (Vinny) and a lot bad (Cliff and Colby). But both good and bad, we run through the entire game, sharing our thoughts along the way.


Byte Me DLC Plays is a book club for video games! Play a game along with us every month, discuss it in our Discord and then we’ll make a podcast about it! In April, we are playing Metro 2033.

Episode 120: MCC is Making Someone Very Happy

The Master Chief Collection is coming to PC (and Steam!), the OG version of Diablo is back and up on GOG, the Dead Cells DLC is coming out way sooner than we thought, Bioware is patching bugs and players are pissed, Devil May Cry 5 has a scene that is only censored on the PS4 and a couple of new Octopath games are in the pipeline.

Plus we answer a bunch of great questions (some that are about breakfast), talk cheap and free games, look at a new Small Bites and throw Spiro in Troll Corner.

Episode 118: The DayQuil Wore Off Towards the End

It seems like it’s been forever since the entire Byte Me Podcast team has all been in the same room together and so we let this one take as long as it needed to!

We talked about the Pokemon Sword and Shield announcement, the new Detective Pikachu trailer, Dead Cells is getting free DLC this year, Kingdom Hearts is getting a board game, Anthem has a pretty solid 90 day plan, Reggie Fils-Aime is retiring (and being replaced by Bowser), Chex Quest HD has a new trailer, and Xbox games might be coming to both Windows 10 and the Switch!

We answered some questions (and talked a lot about reviews), talked about a ton of cheap and free games, and even did a Small Bit and Troll Corner!