Sony has announced they won’t be attending E3 this year even though they are releasing new hardware, instead choosing to participate “…in hundreds of consumer events across the globe”, whatever that means.

Other video game news:

  • There won’t be any Xbox exclusives this year, but does that really matter?
  • Video games save lives
  • To quote “A Christmas Story” you might shoot your eye out with this new arcade game
  • Have you ever wanted to play your OG GameBoy games on your 4k TV?
  • Pokemon Sword & Shield are getting new content this year
  • The Australian wildfires are getting help from game devs


Vinny: What do you think of the idea of “fanboying”? Of course, there are always assholes who will taint the image of it but is it necessarily bad to be a “fanboy”? Would you call yourself a fanboy of one company over another (whether that be Microsoft and Sony) or fanboying developers? For some reason, it seems there is a negative stigma associated with fanboying one company over another, but if you’re a fanboy of a developer like Naughty Dog, Respawn, etc it’s not as bad?

Turndwn4wut: If you suddenly realized characters in video games were sentient beings, which game would you regret having played?

Princess Megan: What is your video game completion goal this year?

Mister Polite: With a winter storm happening right now, what is your go-to winter drink? Alcoholic and non-alcoholic.

JoeColeslaw: What do you look for in a brand new IP from a trusted company? How do you feel about some recent new IP games in the last year?

Cheap/Free Games

Game Pass

  • Frostpunk (PC/Xbox)
  • FTL (PC)
  • Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet (Xbox)
  • Tekken 7 (Jan 16 – Xbox)

Epic Game Store

  • Horace

Humble Bundle

  • Sweet Farm Bundle

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