It’s GOTY time! We talk about our favorite Xbox, PS4, Switch and PC games, along with our favorite game not from 2019 and, of course, our favorite game from this year!


Our game of the year voting probably works a bit different than other media outlets you follow. For instance, Xbox GOTY doesn’t mean it’s an Xbox exclusive, just that we played it on the Xbox. That’s actually worked out pretty well the past three years, but this year we played…very few…PlayStation games.


Cliff: Outer Wilds
Dylan: Gears… I guess
Colby: Crackdown 3


Cliff: Concrete Genie
Dylan: Death Stranding
Colby: The Last of Us?

Switch GOTY

Cliff: Gris (HM: SteamWorld Heist: Ultimate Edition)
Dylan: Pokemon
Colby: Katana Zero (HM: Link’s Awakening )


Cliff: Disco Elysium
Dylan: Hunt: Showdown?
Colby: To the Moon?

GOTY Not from 2019

Cliff: Night in the Woods
Dylan: Total War Warhammer 2
Colby: Tacoma (HM: Turing Test, Minit, Yoku’s Island Express)

Under the Radar

Colby: World War Z

Overall GOTY

Cliff: Disco Elysium
Dylan: Pokemon?
Colby: Outer Wilds (HM: Goose Game)

Other Video Game News

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  • Arcade1Up Announces a Bunch of New Arcade Cabinets
  • Can’t Decide Between a PC and Console? Why not both?
  • Rise of the Skywalker Changes The Star Wars (Video Game) Universe
  • Rumors Are Swirling Around a New Switch in 2020
  • We Need One of Our Listeners in England to Send Us Some Stamps


Vinny: What do you predict your 2020 GOTY will be?

JoeColeslaw: What makes a game of the year… to you?! And you? And yeah, you’re cool I guess, you too.

Does the marketing bull have a lot to do with it? Easier availability? *cough* *cough* Game Pass! Does the online play really matter to you guys anymore? Another extremely awesome podcast I listen to had a similar question with a book-report type prompt, but I’ll keep it simple for you kind folk, is it well-rounded being the perfect middle of an elaborate Venn diagram with gameplay, story, soundtrack, immersion, atmosphere, sound, and message? Or is it solely on your personal experience and attachment as the player? With everyone so limited on their game time, some more than others, does the overall time to beat really have its effect on you?

Cheap/Free Games

Game Pass:

Grand Theft Auto 5

Twitch Prime:

  • Dandara
  • Anarcute
  • Kingdom: New Lands
  • A Normal Lost Phone
  • Splasher

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