We are extremely lucky at Byte Me to have access to what many would call a Sea of Thieves expert. That expert, of course, is Captain Vinny Pegleg…the man, the myth, the pirate legend! Yarr!

Vinny and Captain Blondbeard (aka Dylan) took us all the way through the last year of Sea of Thieves updates, from the vanilla game of last year through the just released Anniversary Update!

So hoist the mainsail, batten down the hatches and umm…shiver me timbers as we Sail the Seven seas with Vinny!

Sometimes a game developer doesn’t have the time or budget to put all their ideas into a single game, but that usually comes out later as downloadable content. Byte Me DLC is that same idea, but for thoughts and ideas that don’t fit on Byte Me podcast, plus our “book club for video games” Byte Me Plays.

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