Lots of rumors are starting to hit as we lead up to E3! Borderlands 2 might be getting new DLC, Ubisoft might be launching a subscription service, Death Stranding has a release date, Playstation exclusive Journey is coming to the PC, Konami announces the games we’ll get in the Contra Anniversary Collection and Nintendo is gamifying sleep now.


Vinny: With Next Gen almost upon us, what are each of your top 3 games of this generation and why?

EddieSpaghetti: With E3 just days away, which games you guys think will have a 2019 release?

JoeColeslaw: What is your favorite marketing campaign of a video game? Demo discs w. Pizza? Pop company with a mascot game? Burger chain made games?

AngelGrl: You’re trapped in a fighting game, but have no powers,  one of the characters is going to protect you, the others will try to kick your butt. Which game and character will you choose?

Turndown4What: What writer/director would you like to be involved in making a video game? And if you want to expand on it…what type of game would you like them to make?

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  • Sonic Mania
  • Borderlands: The Handsome Collection

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