Phil Spencer says that you might be playing xCloud on your TV as soon as next year via an app on your smart TV, bringing cloud gaming even closer to the masses.

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Colby: Forza7, Far Cry 3
Cliff: Kona, Star Wars Squadrons


DA VINSTER (Vinny): Why do you (or do you not) want to upgrade to next-gen? Nearly all games currently are cross-platform and will be according to Microsoft and Sony for a minimum of 2 years. Is it just about future-proofing, and if not why are you looking to get next-gen?

TheBigDog: What it do homies!!! The big dog wants to know. With Farm Sims, trucker Sims and some cooking Sim games already out in the market. What kinda Sim game would you guys like to see and play? Big dog gotta go deliver sofas. Holla if you hear me!!! BAAAAYBBEEE!!

JoeColeslaw: What would you like to see come to game pass? Entire series coming together? Mass entries of a specific genre? OG XBOX CLASSICS?

Aslan the Incompetent: After 11 years do you think the controversial “No Russian” mission in Modern Warfare 2 was necessary or unnecessary?

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