DDoS attacks, weird phone requirements and bugs that buy skins in the background with real money aren’t really what you want happening at launch.

Other Video Game News

  • The Overwatch 2 Launch Has Not Gone Well
  • You Can Finally Hear Chris Pratt as Mario
  • PlayStation Will Launch Live Service Games Day One on PC
  • Canceled GBA Game Releases on Steam
  • New Video
  • PlayStation Stars Launches in NA
  • Time To Get Your Steam Deck and Docking Station
  • Shockingly, the USLB Finds That Activision/Blizzard Has Been Doing Anti-Union Activities

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rdeacon: Seems like this falls into 2 camps… are you pro or anti bumper sticker?

rdeacon: With Stadia now dead.. who do you see leading the charge for cloud gaming?

Princess_Megan: What is your favorite pizza company?

Tr1pletrouble88: What constitutes as a donut? Like, does it have to have a hole? Does it have to be a circle? I’m asking the real questions.

Princess_Megan: Bats or spiders? And pumpkins or jack-o-lanterns?

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Epic Games

  • ToeJam & Earl: Back in the Groove – A mash-up of the best features from the classic console games with a ton of funky fresh improvements. Relive the original roguelike game with new 4 player online and local co-op, crazy Earthlings, weird presents and aliens from Funkotron!

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