I mean, there are a host of other reasons too, but mostly that joke.

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  • Please Atari, Just Stop/li>
  • Do you have life insurance? Cuz if you do, you could always use a little more. Am I right or am I right or am I right, right, right, right?/li>
  • SquareSoft Is Going to Be the Last Company on Earth Talking About the Blockchain/li>
  • Aloy Kissed a Lady and Gamers are Fine with It I’m Sure

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rdeacon: Which games are you looking forward to playing that haven’t been released in 2023: Starfield, Baldur’s Gate 3, Diablo 4, etc

rdeacon: Which food as a kid was so much better then it is now?

Princess_Megan: What is your favorite type of pie? Do you like to add any toppings, ex caramel or chocolate sauce? A la mode?

Brooke: What is a video game you started and never finished that you wish you had?

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Epic Games

  • Breathedge – Survive in outer space! Together with your immortal chicken, discover the truth behind your sudden spaceship crash. Craft tools, pilot vehicles, and even control space stations to survive and explore the wreckage.
  • Poker Club – Welcome to the most immersive poker simulation ever made. Live the life of a poker pro in a global Poker Tour, then join a Club and make a name for yourself in 200-player online tournaments.

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