It appears that xCloud continues to be a win for console owners with news coming from Xbox that the service won’t compete with consoles and have it’s own exclusive games. To quote an MS spokesperson “… we remain committed to an approach with game streaming that is complementary to console and have no plans for cloud-exclusive content at this time.”

In Other Video Game News:

  • Half Life: Alyx might just be the beginning 
  • No, cancelling your Stadia Pro won’t take away your discounted games
  • Amazon might be announcing a game streaming service next year
  • Pokemon is trying to pull a Metallica
  • The Oculus Link is awesome

What We’re Playing

Colby: Ruiner, Jedi Fallen Order, Remnant: From the Ashes
Cliff: Jedi Fallen Order, Remnant: From the Ashes
Dylan: Pokemon, Hunt Showdown, Sea of Thieves


Vinny: What is the video game that you feel represents your childhood? Not the game itself represents your childhood, but when you look back on your childhood and video games, what games pop up into your head.

Princess Megan: If no one’s asked yet, what is your favorite Thanksgiving tradition? Eating too much? Watching the parade or football games? Playing video games with friends and family? Or something else

Eddie: What is your Mt.Rushmore of Thanksgiving sides ?

Eddie’s Other Name: What games are you thankful for this year

JoeColeslaw: Let’s just say one day you power on your console to see a game installed that you have no idea it was bought. The money came out of your account, but you had a room for it ( both in your account and in your hard drive ) What game this year what would you be thankful for, and not mind taking advantage of? In what game are you instantaneously calling customer support to get a refund?

Mansocks: What is your favorite dog breed?

Cheap/Free Games

Epic Game Store: Rayman Legends

Humble Sonic Bundle:

Troll Corner

Trolls Can’t Shoot People in Fallout 76, So They are Nuking Them

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