We are still feeling the post E3 news drought, but there are still a few things to talk about, including how cool Phil Spencer is, Mario Battle Royale and some new developments that involve both PUBG and Dead Space.


Vinny: What’re your thoughts on “completing” games (ie: rolling credits)? Will you play other games while trying to roll credits? Do you not buy other games until you roll credits? Are you disappointed if you don’t roll credits? At what point do you decide the game isn’t a game for you to roll credits?

Eddie: Replace your family with Nintendo characters.  Who will be serving you breakfast in the morning? Peach? Wario? Captain Falco?

AnglGrl: Which is your favorite video game controller of all time?

JoeColeslaw: What would be the Byte Me podcast status on Comedy in video games? What is the funniest moment in the game that you have played? What was the funniest game you played overall? Where do you see humor in video games going in the future?

Steve Bobrowski: Cliff, I hear you talk about playing 3 xboxes at your home. I have 2 boys in the house and we also now have 3 xboxes. I have one other linked so we can play two xboxes under my one live account. However the 3rd Xbox can’t be used to play on live so we can’t play 3 player games….at least I can’t figure out how we can do that. I can be logged into the 360 playing a game and the other two can play on their xboxes but we can not get all 3 xboxes going at once on live under my one account. Do you have 2 live accounts? Or if not how did you get all 3 going? I miss the family live account when you could pay $70 for your entire family.

Cheap/Free Games

Playstation Plus: 

  • Pro Evolution Soccer 2019
  • Horizon Chase Turbo

Epic Store:

  • Rebel Galaxy (Torchlight) – through June 27
  • Last Day of June – through July 4

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