The Game Awards are tonight and we are really excited about all of the different announcements, but maybe less excited about the nominations, which seem to be kinda samey this year. If you are a PC gamer though, get excited about The Game Festival, a 48 hour event starting today that will let you try demos from a bunch of games coming out in 2020!

Other video game news:

  • Nintendo teased their 2020 Indie Lineup 
  • Minecraft finally has crossplay on the PS4
  • God mode is always enabled in “I Am Jesus Christ”
  • The Oculus Quest is getting hand tracking this week
  • GOG Galaxy is now publicly available in open beta
  • You need to try AI Dungeon 2

What We Are Playing

  • Cliff: My Friend Pedro, Rage 2
  • Dylan: Alien: Isolation, Mutant Road Zero 


Vinny: What old game did you love that you would love to see get a similar reimagining as RE2 or God of War?

Duke of Nuggets: As the decade come to a close . Pick 5 games that define the decade of gaming.

Aslan the Incompetent: Elevator pitch us a VR game!!

JoeColeslaw: Get well Dart!Besides the ability to pause, if you had an individual who was solely a multiplayer gamer… How would you sell them on the single-player experience? What would be the single game you would recommend? Oh you haven’t played a single player game in x amount of years? You absolutely positively must try blank

Cheap/Free Games

Epic Game Store: The Escapists

Game Pass: Untitled Goose Game (Dec. 17) 

Troll Corner

  • Do We Really Need Louis Vuitton LoL Shirts? 

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