Xbox is going to talk about all sorts of fun stuff at x019, including 12 games from Xbox Game Studios plus big news for Xbox Game Pass, Project xCloud and much more!

Other video game news:

  • Minecraft Earth is available in Beta for all of the US
  • Don’t try and break the “most live streaming in a month” record
  • Bethesda is getting a “new” studio
  • Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order isn’t coming to EA Access early
  • The Xbox One is getting a shuffle button

What We Are Playing

Cliff: Outer Worlds, Thomas Was Alone
Dylan: Luigi’s Mansion 3, Little Town Hero
Colby: To numerous to mention


DaVinster: The Game Awards are coming up soon, so I have to ask the dying question that everyone loves asking…what is your GOTY for 2019? Also what game announcements do you think we could potentially see at The Game Awards this year?

Mister Polite: Every time there is a new Tik Tok trend that I don’t understand, I feel like I am becoming older and older. The most recent one is the Purple Shampoo:( For a grumpier question, is there a challenge that makes you annoyed for no real reason?

John Tysinger: What song did you hear in a game that you searched out. For me one would be “Prisoner” by Stumfol. It was in the beginning of The Surge.

JoeColeslaw: So coming from somebody who was level 69 in Call Of Duty Modern Warfare last Thursday and I’m sitting pretty at 125 as of this morning, what are some signs that you are spending too much time in a video game Within a time frame… Let’s say, one week. Also, I’m having trouble with people sending me Activision friend requests that have not already played with me. If anyone wants to play, search for me using Joe Coleslaw in the Activision friend requests.

Turndwn4wut: Do you find yourself struggling to play games that your younger self didn’t? And in which way?

Kim Cruz: Did Blizzard just sweep the whole controversy with china, after blizzcon or will we see changes to the industry because of it?

ElGorditoSupreme: What goes into the perfect cookie?

Ben Cee: How long before Todd Howard comes out and says “Well, we farked that one up. Sorry!”

Cheap/Free Games

Epic Game Store: The Messenger

Troll Corner

Wally World and the Great Switcheroo Snafu 

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