Adam is back next week, so everything should start sounding better, but until then, you are left with Cliff and Dylan!

We talked about how some Switch games won’t have Cloud support, THQ Nordic owns the Kingdoms of Amalur license now but not the publishing rights, the worlds saddest easter egg is in Spider-Man, Rebel Galaxy Outlaw might scratch your Privateer itch, Halo 5 is rumored to be coming to PC and Spider-Man has some audio polish that you don’t want to miss!

We also answered questions from Vinny, SuperHyperMightyWepaman, Josh, Turndwn4wut, JoeColeslaw and Mansocks, plus clued you in to one of the best PC gaming deals this month!

Finally, capital G Gamers are back in troll corner because of Puddle-Gate.


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