Cliff is back from Disneyland and ready to talk about games (even though he didn’t play any last week.)

Curious why Diablo 2 hasn’t been remastered? The reason why might surprise you. Apparently Dylan’s mashup game from last week actually exists…sorta. Fortnite goes “Solid Gold”, a new horror game called Blackup Club was announced and it has quite the pedigree, Overwatch adds a new character on the PTR, PS 3 and Vita games get dropped from PS+ next year and the ESRB is going to start letting you know if a game has microtransactions (spoiler, they do).

Plus a very meta question from Vinny, a throwback from Mansocks and two (yes, two!) questions from Optimist Prime. Find out what cheap and free games are available next month and a listen to a double entry in troll corner.


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