After a bit of a couple of slow news weeks, video game news is apparently back with a vengeance! Nintendo Cardboard…er Labo was announced yesterday, you can play the JackBox games via Comcast now, Night in the Woods is coming to Switch and Mobile, Assassin’s Creed: Origins and Final Fantasy XV get DLC dates, Xbox now has 100 Enhanced games now, Fortnite breaks 40 million players and 2 million concurrents and has a new map update, we talk about what publishers “owe” gamers when it comes to online servers and PS4 owners can now get a more Xbox like controller! Wow!

We answer a fun question from Vinny, take a fun quiz from Xtra and delve into the psyche of Mansocks.

We are also a Humble Bundle Partner now, so go buy some Humble games (but got to first!)


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