It was an early morning recording session this week (and Cliff and Adam aren’t exactly morning people.) We made it through with some coffee, muffins and peanut M&M’s!

This week we talked about all of the changes coming to Overwatch’s new season, the redesign of Mercy, the new Mei animated short and deathmatch going live! In non-Overwatch news, we talked about the price drop on two different VR systems (and how amazing VR really is), how Half Life 3 (or the lack of Half Life 3) is hurting DOTA 2 reviews and how PUBG is getting it’s own chicken dinner and sliding into first…on the Steam charts.

We answered a ton of listener questions, debated the merits of PS Now vs Games Pass, checked out the Humble Jumble Bundle 9 (say that five times fast, spoiler, we can’t) and revealed the PS Plus games for PlayStation! Which ended up being wrong because PlayStation published the wrong games on their blog. Sorry about that!

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