Building off last week’s announcement of the Switch Lite, it looks like the main Switch line might be getting a new look under the hood as well! Do you really need to see what it looks like when somebody’s spine gets ripped out? The folks behind the new Mortal Kombat movie thing so, confirming that it’s going to be rated R and will have fatalities. In addition to their new Lord of the Rings show, Amazon has also announced that they are going to be producing a F2P MMO set in the LotR universe (which is apparently separate from Lord of the Rings Online). Tetris Effect is launching on the Epic Store and getting VR support on the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive plus a ton of PC specific enhancements. Apex Legends has some great ideas with how to combat cheaters and we are 100% in favor. And finally, if you are into emulation but want something that’s a bit easier, Retroarch is coming to Steam towards the end of July!


Vinny: The Xbox 360/PS3 generation’s big feature I believe was the shift from standard definition to high definition. I know this gen isn’t done yet, but what do you think this gen’s “big feature” is, and what do you think the big feature will be for the next generation? Will VR be more prevalent? Streaming Games? Subscription Services? And how long until it becomes the norm?

Josh: Has there ever been a game or genre that has legitimately got your heart racing? When was the last time you remember this happening? The last time this happened was with APEX Legends with @TheElusiveDylan where we won 2 games in a row!

Eddie: What video game mascot had the best power ups ? *Must Answer in the style of ASMR.

Mansocks: How many siblings do you have?

OptimistPrime: Who came up with your intro music?

Cheap/Free Games

Game Pass:

  • Night Call, 7/17 (PC)
  • Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, 7/18 (Xbox)
  • The Banner Saga 3, 7/18 (PC & Xbox)
  • Resident Evil 4, 7/25 (Xbox)
  • Killer Instinct DE, 7/25 (PC & Xbox)
  • For The King, 7/25 (PC)

Humble Very Positive Bundle 3

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