Red Dead Online is out of beta and has a ton of new content, World of Warcraft Classic gets a release date, the Division 2 gets new DLC missions, Division 2 raids won’t have matchmaking and Beat Saber is finally leaving Steam Early Access (and getting a level editor!)


Vinny: Even though its only a little less than a month away, I’ve been thinking about E3 a lot! Question this week is what is your favorite get hype moment at any E3 conference? (P.S. you can watch along E3 with me and see live reacts at

Geekopia: What do you guys wanna see out of Pokemon Shield and Sword? New Mega evolutions? New ways to travel? Anything ^_^

Joe Coleslaw: What is your favorite and or least favorite screen or action when you fail a mission or die in game? Duck hunt dog laughing at you? Gory and gruesome deaths in Evil Within? GoW telling you to pick an easier difficulty?

Tenpenny25: What other gaming related podcast do you all listen to? And If you could collaborate with another podcast for one episode who would it be with?

OptimistPrime: Was there ever a moment in your gaming career that almost made you give up gaming or stopped you from participating in the gaming community?

EddieSpaghetti: This or That:

  • Oreos vs Soft Server
  • Puppies vs Gummie Bears

tr1pletrouble: You’re stuck in a video game for a week. You keep everything you obtain in it. You can’t use cheats or hacks, etc. What game do you choose and why? I choose Scribblenauts for obvious reasons.

Mansocks: What is your favorite Kevin Smith Movie?

Cheap/Free Games

Games Leaving Game Pass Stories Untold Free on Epic Store Starting May 16

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