Adam and Dylan talked about the new Switch, Fortnite devs are working way to much, Anthem content gets delayed, nobody is streaming Apex Legends anymore and the Sea of Thieves Anniversary update is just days away!

Grab Transistor on the Epic Store:

Get World of Goo on May 2nd:


Vinny: Sometimes it’s too easy to harp on the negatives in gaming culture, so what are some characteristics of gaming culture that you are PROUD to be associated with?

JoeColeslaw: With “dreams” becoming more of a reality, what can you see being done given the time, effort, and experience of the creators?

AngelGrl: Inspired by Adam’s comment on this week’s podcast, who are your top three celebrity crushes? Mine are David Tennant, Jason Mamoa, and Zachary Levi. Aka I’m attracted to dorky, nerdy men.

Mansocks: What is you favorite Star Wars Movie

EddieSpaghetti: This or That Round 3

Puppies vs Bruce Lee
George Washington vs Gummie Bears

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