Hey, there is a new Xbox One coming out next month and Cliff has decided we should call it the Xbox One SADE, but pronounce SADE like the singer of Smooth Operator. Microsoft will be letting folks bundle Game Pass and Xbox Gold into a single package, which is a pretty good deal if you want to pay monthly. Sony announces a bunch of specs that might very well describe their next system, or maybe not! It’s honestly anybody’s guess at this point. Capcom is releasing a huge new arcade controller that also includes 16 games and you really need to see this monstrosity. The new trailer for the inelegantly titled Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order looks really good (and Cliff’s brother is probably going to make us do an extra podcast talking about all the things we don’t know about Star Wars). And finally, there is a good reason to buy Days Gone at GameStop. Sorta.

We also talked about Twitch Sings, Forza Street and Assassin’s Creed Unity (they are all free!), plus new games hitting Game Pass this month. Also, Sony is not-so-shockingly in Troll Corner again.

Finally, we decided that we are going start putting the full text of all the questions into our show notes so that people can start searching on our website to see if a question has already been asked, so here is the first set!

Vinny: So after my 14 hour stream this weekend, I’m curious on what your longest time has been playing games consecutively (excluding Extra Life)? And what games did you play during that time, who with, and what made it different than any other gaming experiences you’ve had?

(We got our awesome co-worker and soon to be Twitch employee Suelin to answer this one. Follow her on Twitch!)

JoeColeslaw: What is the true and proper protocol for spoilers? Surely, video games and movies / TV shows are a bit different? Examples? Sure! During last week’s podcast, you KINDLY didn’t want to spoil The Twist of BioShock…yet you brought up the Thanos snap in casual conversation.  I don’t think trailers should be spoiler territory because it’s only three minutes, but then again, some people avoid them for going in blind…thoughts?

Mansocks: What is your favorite flavor of Icee / Slurpee?

Also Mansocks: What is your favorite ride/attraction at Disneyland?

ShadoughX: Do you think AAA developers stay away from early access because of the expectations as a AAA developer or because of negative stigma tied to its meaning? The industry is shifting to releasing titles unfinished, but should they should release these games as early access when they are not finished to avoid poor Metacritic scores poor working conditions, backlash, etc. Should developers use early access to their advantage when developing games, specifically open world 60+ hour games?

AngelGrl: What board game would you like to see turned into a video game? what type would it be (rpg, fighter,ect)? And what aspects of the game do you think would translate best and worst?

EddieSpaghetti: Round Two of This or That!

Baked Mac & Cheese vs Oreos
Adam vs Kratos
Dylan vs Batman
Cliff vs Soft Serve Ice Cream


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