Buckle up folks, it’s a long one!

There are a ton of new games coming out for nearly every platform and I think they all got announced or got a release date this week! SteamWorld Quest, nine new PSVR games, Wolfenstein: Youngblood and eight new ID@Xbox games coming to Game Pass!

EA laid off nearly 4% of their workforce (mainly folks in marketing, publishing and operations) and we want to wish them the best of luck finding new jobs. Sony is going to stop selling PS4 game codes at retail and that is bad news for Gamestop, No Man’s Sky is getting a VR mode on PSVR and SteamVR plus a new social and multiplayer experience, Apple announced Apple Arcade their new game subscription service, Nintendo might be releasing two new versions of the Switch and The Philidelphia Fusion are going to be the first esports team to get their own arena in the US!

We answer some great questions about video games and musical theater, the value of retro gaming, if the Switch is the future of consoles, how we’d save Gamestop, what quests we would lead hapless heroes on and a huge game of This or That!

Xbox Games with Gold and Playstation Plus games have been announced and we chat about which ones to look out for, we are going to try to convince you to date a grasshopper in this week’s Humble Bundle and Gwent is coming to your cell phone!

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